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Cave Girl Poetry Contest Winners!

Exciting news!  We have TWO fabulous winners for our first Creative Cave Girl Poetry contest!  A big shout out to our two winning authors, Erin Lonard and Leigh Garcia.  Both women will receive our paleo mug and coffee set as well as a box of bacon heart notecards!  Check out their fabulous entries below! A [...]
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Surviving the Holidays Gluten Free! And the whole month of January! I dare ya!

First and foremost Happy Holidays from Cave Girl Café!  We hope you all enjoy this wonderful time of year with your friends and families. Now, if you’re a seasoned Cave gal or gent you have likely mastered the gluten free holiday a time or two.  Your skills are ninja-like and you easily manage to wiggle [...]
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Coffee for Coats!

Every year countless children spend the winter season without a warm coat. Between now and Christmas Day, Cave Girl Café will donate 15% of your order towards purchasing coats for children in need.  If each person purchased just one item, hundreds of warm coats will be provided to children who otherwise would go without this [...]
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Boost Your Business!- Business Holiday Card Advice

Sending out Holiday cards this year to clients and business associates? You are just in luck! Cave Girl Café is offering our holiday cards at an extreme discount when purchased in quantities of 10 sets or more. Even more importantly, we are here to help you with your business holiday card etiquette. Sending out Holiday [...]
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Christmas Card Etiquette – Are You Savvy?

Christmas cards! Why are we talking about Christmas cards already? Halloween has just passed and Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away. I know no one wants to begin to even think about Christmas! The truth is this: Christmas season begins the Friday after Thanksgiving. You know, Black Friday…the day you roll out of bed [...]
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Costa Rican Brew

This month’s delicious coffee selection is brought to us from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. Defined as some of the world’s most perfect coffee; perfectly smooth, perfectly balanced! We certainly can’t complain about that, now can we? The Tarrazu region of Costa Rica is located south of San Jose, the country’s capital. At an [...]
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Roasted and ready to go!

Peru is known for many outstanding things: The beautiful ruins at Manchu Picchu, Pisco Sours ( a delicious, tart grape based liquor/egg white concoction I highly recommend if you have the opportunity), Incan gold and, most importantly, rockin’ coffee! This first batch of coffee about to be roasted and shipped to you Cheetah Club members [...]
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Climate-Shlimate… I want Coffee!!!!

Ahh, the sweet smell of coffee is enough to bring a smile to any cavegirl’s (or caveman’s) face. Here at Cave Girl Café, we strive to bring you the freshest, highest quality coffee available on the market. How do we do this? We only sell coffee beans from regions of the world that are in [...]
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Welcome to Cave Girl Cafe!

Welcome to Cave Girl Café!  We’ve had a blast creating this site and the fun, spirited Grass fed, Gluten free and Paleo themed note cards, Holiday cards and gifts that you’ll see in our store. Our site is now officially “live” and we are ready to take pre-orders!  All greeting cards are currently in production [...]
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