Does your coffee taste like grass? Tell us what your tongue thinks and win free coffee!

You might not know this, but true coffee geeks have just as many descriptions for coffee as wine connoisseurs do for wine.  Here’s a little experiment for today:  The next time you grab a cup of coffee spend a few minutes thinking about how you would describe its “aftertaste”.  Aftertaste is the sensation of the coffee vapors after you’ve swallowed the brew.  This exercise will help refine your coffee palate…don’t just swill it…think about the swill a bit!

Post your “aftertaste” with a brief description on our cavegirlcafe facebook page.  All aftertaste entries posted by 11am PST on September 22nd 2010 will be entered into a drawing to win a 12oz bag of CaveGirl Coffee!

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Eating Paleo in NYC – Meetup and Robb Wolf Release Party!

Cave Girls in NYC! I just finished preparing product sample kits for the guest of the Release Party for Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution tonight in NYC!  John Durant and Melissa McEwan have been kind enough to host this rooftop event!

Check out some of our notecard product pics!

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Welcome to Cave Girl Cafe!

Welcome to Cave Girl Café!  We’ve had a blast creating this site and the fun, spirited Grass fed, Gluten free and Paleo themed note cards, Holiday cards and gifts that you’ll see in our store.

Our site is now officially “live” and we are ready to take pre-orders!  All greeting cards are currently in production and will be ready to ship the week of October 25th.  Pre-order now with PROMO code: “cavegirlsrule!” (case sensitive) and receive a 10% discount on all orders placed before October 15th!

Check out our featured Holiday Card: Rudolph Goes Grass fed!

Oh and did I mention coffee yet?  Cave Girl Café is committed to featuring sustainably grown, fair trade coffees from the best coffee producing regions of the world.  Our roaster, Mike Huber, has been travelling the world buying and roasting coffee for the last 20 years.  We at Cave Girl Café are excited to share Mike’s knowledge of coffee and roasting with all of you…and there’s more to it than you might think!  While most of us judge a cup of coffee by the response our noses and tongues give us when we take a swill in the morning, things like “terroir” (the land, soil, climate, water, etc where the beans are grown) have a remarkable effect on the ultimate flavor and quality of what ends up in your mug.  It’s fascinating stuff and we hope to show you some of what goes on behind the scenes in the world of coffee.  And you might even learn a little French vocabulary along the way!

We will be featuring both coffee and espresso in the Cave Girl Safari, our 3-month coffee clubs: Cheetah Club (select), Cougar Club (premier) and Lion Club (espresso). All Safari club purchases made prior to October 4th will be roasted on the 6thth and ship on October 7th.  We are committed to shipping the freshest coffee possible, so shipping will always occur the day after roasting.  Our coffee safari club orders will always ship the first Thursday of the month for you to enjoy all month long!

Meet Mike as he explains the nuiances of “cupping” Cave Girl coffee to  Robb Wolf and Erwan Le Corre.

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