Cave Girl Poetry Contest Winners!

Exciting news!  We have TWO fabulous winners for our first Creative Cave Girl Poetry contest!  A big shout out to our two winning authors, Erin Lonard and Leigh Garcia.  Both women will receive our paleo mug and coffee set as well as a box of bacon heart notecards!  Check out their fabulous entries below!

A Day in the Life of a Cave Girl – by Erin Lonard

Wake up, little one. It’s time for some meat.

I’ll slice avocado and eggs I will beat.

Your mind will be ready, your tummy filled.

There’ll be no sugar high- your teacher will be thrilled!

Let me pack you a lunch- how about lettuce wraps?

Last night, I made sweet potato chips for your snack.

Here’s your water bottle. There’s no need for juice.

I’d rather you eat a real piece of fruit!

Get on out the door, we have places to get!

You must get to school and I must make it to Crossfit.

I’ve got a hard boiled egg and some jerky and veggies.

They are sure to give me energy when I’m doing my burpees.

After errands and house cleaning, I’ll make some dinner.

Grass fed meat and fresh veggies- it will be a winner!

We’ll dine as a family knowing we’re doing what’s best.

Then sleep peacefully, getting 8 to 10 hours of rest.

A day in the Life of a Cave Girl – by Leigh Garcia

I wake up with such energy, and I’m ready to start my day—

I make eggs with veggies and bacon—that’s breakfast, the paleo way!

Instead of taking the elevator to the ground floor, I go running down the stairs—

I feel good and pumped and healthy, as if I haven’t got any cares.

Although the weather’s cold now, I still walk the long way to class,

daydreaming about what I’ll have for lunch:  maybe chicken, maybe bass.

So for lunch at the dining hall’s salad bar, my plate’s a glorious veggie rainbow:

tomatoes and spinach and mushrooms (oh my!), all drizzled with EVOO,

and I decide to top it with lots of chicken, for I’m in love with organic protein,

and I secretly judge all of the “fake” food around me—why eat cake or ice cream?

After class I go to Barnes & Noble, where I pick up the newest nutrition book,

and devour the pages like filet mignon, and fantasize about what I’ll later cook.

Dinner’s my favorite meal of the day—I think tonight’ll be grass-fed steak,

paired with a beautiful salad and some fresh fruit—nothing in this meal is fake!

I don’t mind declining to go out for pizza with friends—my health is Number One:

I’m a happy college Cave girl… and everyone knows that Cave girls have more fun!

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