Surviving the Holidays Gluten Free! And the whole month of January! I dare ya!

First and foremost Happy Holidays from Cave Girl Café!  We hope you all enjoy this wonderful time of year with your friends and families.

Now, if you’re a seasoned Cave gal or gent you have likely mastered the gluten free holiday a time or two.  Your skills are ninja-like and you easily manage to wiggle your way into your relative’s kitchens to help prepare gluten free versions of family holiday staples.  You eat well, you’re satisfied and you don’t get wheat belly! Good on ya!

If you’re new to the concepts of Paleo and Gluten free we’re going to suggest you give it a shot this January via a little challenge! There’s nothing like a challenge and some friendly community to kick start a habit change.  Folks are rapidly gathering over at Gluten Free January as well as on facebook to commit to going gluten free this January.  Just one month!  You can do this people. One month is a manageable time frame and it could end up changing your whole life.

Now if you’re on the road for the holiday’s or travelling abroad there are no excuses.  Just be diligent about asking your server for gluten free menu options.  Just master the words “gluten free” in the language of whatever country you are travelling to!  Going to Italy?  Learn the words “senza glutine”. Going to Greece? “cho̱rís glouténi.”   With the nifty tool of Google translate there truly are no excuses! Enter the words “gluten free” pick your language and voila!

Again, warmest wishes from Cave Girl Café! Stay cozy and drink good coffee!

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