Roasted and ready to go!

Peru is known for many outstanding things: The beautiful ruins at Manchu Picchu, Pisco Sours ( a delicious, tart grape based liquor/egg white concoction I highly recommend if you have the opportunity), Incan gold and, most importantly, rockin’ coffee! This first batch of coffee about to be roasted and shipped to you Cheetah Club members is from the beautiful nation of Peru, from a small scale co-op named CEPICAFE, located in northwestern Peru. The coffee is grown from 900 meters to 1700. The ‘green beans’ used in this roast come from the Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, and Pache plant; all Arabica beans.

CEPICAFE  was formed in 1995 with the intent to contribute to the sustainable development of the region and improve the quality of life of coffee growing families. Currently there are 3,200 members who produce approximately 118 containers annually. With proceeds from the Fair Trade price, CEPICAFE has done a wonderful job with fulfilling the original mission statement; they offer women’s workshops to help with coffee production and business management training along with providing financial aid to their producers. They have built a two-story headquarters with a warehouse, office space and a café! New equipment, including four wet processing plants has greatly improved harvest conditions.

So what does this mean for you? Well, if you have already purchased your Cheetah membership, you can drink your rich, medium acidity, pleasant aroma coffee knowing not only where it came from, but with a sense of pride knowing  the humanity aspect has not been lost to bring you your cup-o-joe. Enjoy!

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