Climate-Shlimate… I want Coffee!!!!

Ahh, the sweet smell of coffee is enough to bring a smile to any cavegirl’s (or caveman’s) face. Here at Cave Girl Café, we strive to bring you the freshest, highest quality coffee available on the market. How do we do this? We only sell coffee beans from regions of the world that are in their dry season/harvest season at the time of your order.  Coffee club memberships are purchased in a once-a-month-deliver for three months package, allowing us to purchases the correct amount of freshly harvested “green beans” from regions of the world in harvest. Once the “green beans” arrive at our roaster, we roast the beans and ship them to you the very next day, providing you with a quality product. Each month you will receive a bag of coffee from a different coffee producing country!

Cave Girl Coffees are roasted from Arabica beans. Arabica beans are grown in cool climates between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.  Ideally, temperatures will linger between 59-75 degrees Fahrenheit and the region will average 60 to 100 inches of rainfall over a nine month period. There are a few consequences should the temperatures deviate from this range. Photosynthesis, the process in which plants convert carbon dioxide into nourishment using energy from sunlight, slows above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. There is also a risk of frost damage should the temperature drop around the 32 degree range.

Countries all along the equator produce terrific coffees, and harvest at different times of year, depending upon when their rainy season ends and dry season begins.  According to weather patterns around the equator, monsoon season in Indonesia is November through March and the dry season is May through September. Due to the climactic change, we should expect to be receiving Indonesian beans such as Papua New Guinea, Timor and Sulawesi  in our summer months.  Hawaiian beans such as Kona are harvest twice a year, as the Hawaiian Island chain has two separate rainy seasons. Expect Hawaiian beans during our Holiday season through March and again in July and August.  Most Central American beans, such as Nicaraguan and Guatemalan are harvested November through March along with our African favorite, the Ethiopian. With some earlier harvests coming from Brazil and Peru in September, expect to see our first shipment of beans from South America.

We can’t wait to share all the fun and informative information about our first shipment of beans! Stay tuned…

Check out our Coffee Cupping Video part 2 with Robb Wolf and Erwan Le Corre and learn some fun facts about coffee!

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